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Books and other religious items


These items are added to my site for convenience only. It is a not-for-profit effort to help those with busy schedule or geographical constraints which prevents them to otherwise get these items easily.

Wedding items at the bottom of this page will be shipped at a cost to be determined at the posted rate of major carriers-at the time of purchase. This cost will be communicated via a separate email. Items will be shipped ONE to one-and-a-half week before the schedule date of your function.

NOTE:- Bamboos are NOT shipped since these are usually available at local craft stores across Nort America.

Book Items

Assana for Meditation and Sitting (23"x24")
Bhagavad Gita As It Is with Bonus DVD

Basic Tulsi Japa Beads - Large
Bathing Conch Shell 4"-5"

Bell Metal Kartals (Chowtal Jhaals)(Standard Size - 3.5") - Hand Cymbals

(Shank) Blowing Conch Shell 6.5"+

Hanuman Chalisa Pendant -- Gold Plated

1. Get your pooja items here 


2. Get your large glags here. (these are not supplied separately but only with pooja items above)

Large Flags


3. Get your complete wedding items, included items are those in the pooja list, 1 perha, one stone, one harish, 1 small knife, yellow cotton, colored rice, one wedding kalsa, Mangal Sutra, etc